Project Services

Working with Pomander Interiors to help with your property project will clearly illustrate the long term benefits. Avoiding costly mistakes, leveraging industry connections, and ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience are some of the advantages that our past and current clients highlight.

Discovery call

Katherine recognises that every client has a distinctive style, expectation and aspiration for their home. Placing tremendous value on truly understanding a client’s specific vision, from the very outset, is vital for the partnership to work.

This is established with the initial ‘Discovery Call’, where Katherine delves deep into understanding the specific services that will best align with the client’s goals. Whether they need comprehensive interior architecture and design, spatial planning, selective room transformations, or simply guidance on colour, finishes, furniture or soft furnishings. Katherine takes the time to truly understand the scope of every client’s individual requirements – no two projects are the same.

Initial consultation

The next stage is an immersive on-site ‘Initial Consultation’ at the client’s home. By experiencing the unique characteristics of the property first hand, Katherine can better grasp the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, ensuring the design solutions are meticulously tailored to each space. A ‘Scope of Works’ document is then compiled, and a specific quotation is prepared.

Design concept

This leads on to a personalised ‘Design Concept’, illustrated with visual mood boards and spatial plans specific to each client’s individual requirements.

Sourcing stage

Finally, the team executes the complete scheme, right down to sourcing all the specific items required for the project. Managing the ordering, delivery and installation of all of the selected items.

Project management

If a full project management service is required – Pomander Interiors offers a carefully curated full team of tradesmen to work with. From architectural designs, planning permission submission and grants and structural engineers, to carrying out a complete build process with associated specific trade to execute the plans in every area of a property.

Pomander Interiors ensure that budget and timelines are adhered to, by commissioning work to specific tradesmen to fit within each client’s differing budgets – whilst always delivering on excellence and quality. This results in a truly high level of craftsmanship, perfect finish and exacting standards, only Pomander Interiors would expect for every client project.

Bespoke service

If the client requires a complete design and build process – or part of Pomander Interiors services – every project is essentially achieved with a core collaborative partnership that Katherine develops with each client. This personalised approach ensures every design decision and aesthetic detail reflects the client’s unique vision and lifestyle.

Colour consultation

At Pomander Interiors, we understand the profound impact that the correct colour choices have on the look and feel of your home. We offer an expert ‘Colour Consultation Service’, guiding you through the process of selecting the perfect palette, if it be a combination of paint and wall coverings,  to harmonise with your vision and style.

The ‘Colour Consultation Service’ process kickstarts a client’s project design scheme, but it can also be a standalone service from Katherine.

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It is key to establish the flow from one room to another in a home. Colour can create a specific mood or identify one area from another.

Katherine Briggs - Founder