West meon Hampshire

This beautiful Georgian country house is home to a family with three daughters. The clients wanted me to design functional storage spaces for each of the children’s bedrooms – ensuring each were unique by the space dictated in each room and individual for each daughter.

The first room, I designed a full height double wardrobe for hanging and folded clothes, a length of low level cupboards, a slimline shelving unit for books and to display memorabilia and a quirky window seat, that played to the shape of the sloping exposed wall – enabling the child to sit on her new window seat and enjoy the impressive views out of the attic dormer window.

The second room, I designed a complete run of low level cupboards, which sat naturally along the entire length of the room to one side. This created abundant storage for the youngest daughter’s many toys, books and room for more – as she grows up!

The third room, I designed a ‘two and a half’ fitted wardrobe unit that fitted perfectly with the slope of the wall – creating a huge amount of hanging and shelving space inside. I also incorporated a length of low level cupboards to one side of the room, which created a great top to display the daughter’s favourite books and memorabilia – and the cupboards to store a wealth of toys and other important items.

All three rooms resulted in an individual style for each daughter. The joinery was decorated to match with the wall colour and therefore felt that it had always been there – naturally fitting within its’ space – classic, timeless and functional.