A new addition to our offering. An introductory range of natural soy scented candles to purchase

CITRUS 1 – A blend of zesty citrus fragrances combined with refreshing French verbena. A wonderfully uplifting fragrance to be enjoyed in any room of your home.

CITRUS 2 – Lemon & Grapefruit fragrances partner, to make our newest addition to our collection. Fresh and invigorating.

GERANIUM – a beautifully calm floral fragrance, not too sweet but naturally fragranced with this wonderful aroma. This candle contains fresh geranium petals within the soy wax, adding a touch of difference when enjoyed in your living space or bedroom.

Each candle is hand poured into a branded clear glass and carefully packaged into our Pomander Interiors branded gift box

CANDLES – £15 + postage/packaging

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